About africatuff

JETIN cc t/a AfricaTuff OEM manufactures JETIN Water Jetting Pumping Systems as well as being the JETECH Master Service Distributor for Africa, also under licence, manufacturing a wide range of water blasting pumping systems and accessories for the world export market.

High pressure water blasting has been the core of our business since 1994. We have serviced thousands of customers and organisations. At AFRICATUFF we are fully committed to your operational success and safety. We facilitate you with the best that our industry can offer. We are a dynamic company that focuses on turnkey solutions for all your industrial equipment, tooling, accessories, and PPE requirements.

We specialise in Ultra High and High Pressure Water Jetting / Blasting ( hydro blasting ) systems, mobile or onsite installation, custom engineered for all industries. The UHP and HP pumping systems that we manufacture, and supply are capable of cutting through concrete and steel, stripping paint off any surface, heat-exchanger cleaning, and many other applications related in a wide range of industries.

With over 20 years’ experience in the water jetting industry, AFRICATUFF is well positioned to offer all its customers expert advice on all aspects relating to High Pressure (HP) and Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Water Blasting services and solutions.


Being an Original Equipment Manufacturer of High Pressure and Ultra High-Pressure water blasting and hydro blasting solutions, equipment and accessories, we provide state of the art knowledge, products and services. We offer you complete and unique solutions for all cleaning applications. We develop, design and engineer cleaning solutions, both for standard and specific applications. We operate and produce according to the highest industrial standards.

Quality Partner for Professionals

AFRICATUFF is your quality partner in the industrial cleaning industry and a specialist in High Pressure and Ultra High-Pressure water blasting. Whatever your needs, standard or special, we are able to consult and serve you on every level. From the tiniest spare part up to complex engineering challenges, from pumps and units up to training and special product development. We provide safety, innovation, quality and training for every water blasting professional and contractor. We facilitate you with the best that our industry can offer. And more.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to be recognized, known, experienced and appreciated as the most reliable service and solutions provider in Africa for high pressure and ultra-high-pressure water blasting solutions and accessories for industrial cleaning objectives. We want to make your work easier, safer and more efficient with high pressure water jetting.

Our Organisation

Products & Solutions: AFRICATUFF offers total solutions, systems and all necessary accessories for high pressure and ultra-high-pressure water jetting. Water Jetting is a rapidly growing technology used in the industrial cleaning and surface preparation industry. We have a wide range of water jetting pumps and accessories to maximize any water jetting application. More importantly we have the expertise and correct global partners, namely JETECH and Bingham Industries to offer any solution you may require.

Jetting Systems:

AFRICATFF designs, develops and manufactures state of the art high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure water jetting units and systems, according to the specific requirement of the customer. The standard program contains a wide variety of models up to 3450 bar. JETIN High Pressure Jetting Systems: (HP) 0-2000 bar (HP) up to 140L per minute
  • Either diesel or electric driven systems
  • Mobile trailer HP Jetting systems – Minimum 1-ton standard commercial vehicle required to tow safely
  • On site or in plant Engineered and installed
Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) Water Blasting Pumps: 700 – 3450 bar (UHP) between 60 and 330L per minute
  • Either diesel or electric driven systems
  • Mobile trailer HP Jetting systems – Minimum 1-ton standard commercial vehicle required to tow safely
Reverse Osmosis Systems and Components, both commercial and residential
  • Built to application specification
  • Solar, Wind Turbine Electric, Diesel and all Combined
Water Carrier Vacuum, Slurry and High-Volume Pumping systems
  • Trucks
  • Mobile Trailer Systems
  • Either diesel or electric driven systems
  • On site or in plant engineered and installed

Typical Applications:

  •   Tube Bundle Cleaning
  •   Pipe Cleaning
  •   Stack Cleaning
  •   Cooling Tower Cleaning
  •   Tank Cleaning
  •   Facilities Maintenance
  •   Grate and Floor Cleaning
  •   Ship Hull Cleaning
  •   Underwater Cleaning
  •   Surface Preparation
  •   Hydrostatic Testing
  •   Hydro Demolition
  •   Heat Exchange Cleaning
  •   Drain cleaning
  •   Sewer Cleaning
  •   Paint and Protective Coat Removal
  •   Sub-sea Applications

Some Industries we Serve:

  •    Pulp & Paper
  •    Steel Mills
  •    Power Generation
  •    Marine
  •    Construction
  •    Mining
  •    Oil Field
  •    Military
  •    Petrochemical
  •    Automotive
  •    Municipal Water Treatment Plants


We supply the industry’s largest range of 40,000 PSI water jetting parts, as well as a diverse range of 20,000 PSI & 15,000 PSI parts, all at unbeatable prices. We have a diverse line of air rotational guns and drive units, as well as tumble-boxes, foot valves, pressure regulators & much more. Our USA-made line of replacement parts can be used on all major pump brands. We offer private label hoses, made specifically for AfricaTuff from 15,000 PSI to 44,000 PSI as well as a variety of other safety products.

Training and Consultancy:

AFRICATUFF offers professional training programs, both theoretical and practical. These training programs are developed and based upon 20 years of expertise. Training and instructions are provided on site at the customers, or at our own premises. Our training facility and all our training procedures are in accordance to the required safety standards.

Safety Standards:

AFRICATUFF complies with international Safety standards. We adhere to and represent the world’s leading Water Jetting Protection Companies.

Workshop and Service Centre:

Our workshop is geared up for manufacturing all types of Water Jetting pumps. We also do repairs and maintenance to pumps and other Water blasting associated equipment.
  • Manufacture and assemble complete pumps
  • Service and re-build pumps
  • Modifications to existing pumps
  • Design and manufacture equipment for most Water Jetting Applications

Rental Equipment:

AFRICA TUFF in partnership with TUFF HYDRO BLASTING offers a perfectly maintained rental fleet, with a large program of accessories up to 2800 bar, providing a perfect solution for almost every project.

Bladder Tanks:

Recommended Application: Fuel B, Crude Oil, Diesel Fuel, Hydraulic Fluid, JP4, JP5, Kerosene, NAFTA, Petroleum Heavy Cat Crack, Water.


  •    One truck to deliver capacity of 20 trucks
  •    Carrier trucks not required to stay on site to feed water or fuel
  •    Can be setup in any environment or landscape
  •    Perfect for when needing to repair or service existing liquid storage tanks and storage structures
  •    Transport fuel or store fuel on site
  •    Quick site camp setups