Bingham safety control valves

Foot & Air Valves

Safety & performance goes hand-in-hand with with safety valves from Bingham Industries. Whether you need the most advanced air operated tumblebox or are looking for a long lasting dump pedal, Bingham Industries has you covered with our extensive product line.

Our line of air operated tumbleboxes are designed for dry shutoff and multi-mode applications. Each tumblebox features the industries fastest mechanical valve, an air-assisted, modified cutting valve for less pressure loss, faster signal response time and less water cutting on internal components.

The Bingham Industries dump pedal product line features quick change cartridge technology, light weight modular frames and is designed to improve performance in the field.


Multi-Mode – The way it should work!

Bingham Industries Wolf Bi-Mode Tumblebox is a revolutionary on/off valve system designed to protect your pump, operators and profits. Every system features a purpose-built 2-valve system, resulting in simple, cost-effective maintenance.

The Wolf Bi-Mode Tumblebox is easy to maintain, using a modular plate to make repairs quick and simple. Our 2-valve system lasts hundreds of hours between repairs and can be fully rebuilt in under 15 minutes for less than 50% of the cost to rebuild other multi-mode boxes.

The frame is 100% billet construction, designed to withstand the abuse of a typical waterblasting environment.


Dry Shutoff – Safety and Efficiency

The Bingham Industries dry shutoff tumblebox packs multiple safety features into this high performance package including the UHP industries only on/off foot pedal for instant shutoff in the event of an emergency.

The Wolf dry shutoff tumblebox is easy to maintain and is more cost effective than other tumbleboxes, specifically cartridge based systems. This valve can be repaired in as little as 5 minutes for 50% the cost of cartridge based systems.

The innovative water assist valve used in the Wolf tumblebox minimizes pressure loss and improves cutting and cleaning power.


Foot Valves – Built to Last

Bingham Industries line of HP and UHP foot pedals incorporate all of the best features of other industry pedals in a concise and affordable package that is manufactured to last.

Items like hose protection wings, anti-vibration feet, quick change cartridges and modular pedals have led us to an industry leading product that still saves your company money.

Available at 3 different pressure ratings, the Bingham Industries dump pedal series can help your company improve efficiency and save money.