tank cleaning tools

 ITC-G2 (Internal Tank Cleaning) System

The New ITC-G2 Internal Tank Cleaning system is the latest, complete tank/vessel cleaning system designed for horizontal rail and mobile tank systems.

Safety: As always, the goal of the ITC systems have been to reduce or eliminate workers exposure to these vessels, and now has taken the process to a new level with advanced automation, combined processes, and amazing speed
Convenience: ITC-G2 is installed into position over the tank car rail system, supported on an elevated rail platform similar to an industrial bridge crane system.
Extreme pressure and flow capacities: High pressure water (or other liquid) up to 20,000 psi (1380 bar) and flow rates to 200 gpm (760 l/m) are used to thoroughly scrub the internal walls and structure of the vessel.
Accessibility: Designed for horizontal, top-access tanks, only a manway is needed for the ITC-G2’s deep reaching cleaning heads to enter the tank

 VTC (Vertical Tank Cleaning) System

 VTC (Vertical Tank Cleaning) system has been designed to meet the rigorous demands of a large USA Chemical Company. The system can be fixed on top of a reactor or tank that requires cleaning. Equipped with either a standard 3-D nozzle or 959 external speed controlled air driven 3-D nozzle, cleaning reactors and tanks becomes a simple and safe process.

Mounted on the top of the VTC tower is a high pressure hose reel suitable for up to 40,000- psi hose. The VTC is an automated system and can be programmed for a host of different reactor cleaning sequences. Feed back of nozzle position, pressure, cycle time and flow rate can be read on the system control panel.