Africatuff supplies ultra high pressure water jetting tools and equipment rated up to 40 000 psi (2757 bar) for a wide variety of water jetting applications. Africatuff is committed to assisting our customers select the right tool for the job, ensuring ease of use, efficiency and most importantly safety. Just some of the tools we stock are:

  • Nozzles, Sapphire uhp rated and compatible with all the major hydro blasting brands.
  • Guns, dump guns and air rotational.
  • Foot pedals, color coded for their psi rating helping you select the righ pedal for the right pressure.
  • Multi-mode tumble boxes,
  • Lances,
  • Hoses,
  • Flexi lances,
  • Surface cleaners, lead paint remover, road marking removal equipment and high pressure floor cleaners and continuous water collection and recirculating systems.

water jetting tools and accessories

We also supply high pressure gauges, automatic throttle control units for pumping systems. Automated heat exchange and pipe cleaning equipment to make pipe cleaning safer and more efficient.

Africatuff has everything you need form from whip checks to foot valves even water cannon, Africatuff has the right tool for the right UHP water blasting application.

Have a specific requirement that cant be for-filled with over the counter equipment? Africatuff will engineer a solution for your specific need. Our workshop is well equipped and our staff have a combined 50 years working experience.

We not only supply water jetting tools and equipment but service and refurbish water blasting equipment as well. contact us today and find out why Africatuff is a leader in the Ultra High Pressure water jetting industry.

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