UHP Water blasting systems.

Ultra-high pressure. Ultra-low maintenance. Water blasting systems

Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting Systems

Jetin ultra high pressure water jetting systems can be used for a variety of applications where high pressure and ultra high pressure water streams are employed:

Cleaning, Jetting, Blasting, Cold Cutting

Jetin Pumping systems have been used in many industries. Some of the industries include:

Construction, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil field service and Industrial Cleaning

There are a variety of optional features available with our diesel and electric pumping systems. Customize the pumping system as your application warrants. Options are available within equipment categories such as

Power options, Control Panels, Motor Control, Pressure Gauges, Rupture Disc Assembly, Relief Valve, Suction Supply, Noise Dampening, Tow Bar (on base) and Paint Color

The Advanced Design (“AD”) philosophy of Africatuff personnel is carried over into the diesel and electric pumping systems. Jetin pumping systems use time proven technology repackaged to create a simple, easy to maintain, high pressure pump with fewer dynamic liquid-end parts than any known power pump on the market today.

Africatuff hydro blasting systems provide an effective, efficient and reliable solution to your high pressure water needs.

Diesel Pumping Systems

Our Diesel-powered Ultra high pressure water jetting systems are a high quality, high efficiency solution for your high-pressure pumping application. Our diesel pumping systems are proven to meet all the needs of the user, and more.

Electric Pumping Systems

Jetin electric pumping systems are used worldwide in the contracting and process industries. Electric units are typically PLC controlled and highly customizable to fit your needs

Bare Shaft Pump

When a pump is sold as a stand-alone without a base or motor, it is referred to as a “Bare Shaft Pump”. Africatuff can provide the guidance and expertise if you are looking to incorporate a bare shaft pump into your system