Africatuff Brochures

Africatuff only stocks the most reliable, ultra high quality Ultra high pressure water jetting equipment used in a wide variety of ultra high pressure (UHP) water jetting applications such as surface preparation, cold cutting, pipe cleaning, hydro demolition and more. 


Our Cleaning system provides an excellent cleaning profile and ease of use in a simple, straight forward
package. Designed for quick set-up and straight forward results, the Africatuff Chain Cleaning System
produces the results you’re looking for!


Africatuff Multi-Mod Tumble box are rated from 20,000 – 55,000 psi. featuring a single valve design for faster performance, allowing for work up to 100 feet away from the pumping unit while still maintaining safe signal times


Easy to operate and easier to repair, Africatuff control guns features an industry leading air-motor, innovative swivel design and up to 5 bearings to support the lance while it rotates. All of this adds up to a tool that spins faster, last longer and removes more while keeping parts costs down


Whether it be stationary or mobile, Africatuff has the perfect water purification solution for your every need. Our reverse osmosis systems are reliable easy to transport and very simple to set up and run.

Road Marking Removal

Unlike traditional stripe removal processes that can often have varying results that can damage the concrete or pavement. UHP water jetting is safer, quicker and more thorough at removing paint or rubber from concrete, with no damage to the surface. The water jetting system also prepares the surface for you, cutting time and costs.


Our UHP rated floor
cleaner removes the need for system air to rotate the swivel and still delivers up to 5,000 RPM rotational speeds over an 18” cleaning path inside a 22” housing and full vacuum capability.

Bladder Tanks Brochure

Looking for a high quality, high capacity and versatile solution for water storage? With twice the capacity of most water trucks, and constructed from durable materials, Africatuff bladder tanks are well suited for transporting oil, fuel, water and more.

Company profile

JETIN cc t/a AfricaTuff OEM since 1994 manufacturing JETIN Pumping Systems.JETECH Master Service Distributor for Africa, also under licence, manufacturing a wide range of pumping systems and accessories for the world export market.

KP 100 TJ3 Brochure

Ultra-versatile, ultra-high quality, ultra-reliable Africatuff KP100 TJ3 comes with a 5.9 litre engine, a 12 month parts and spares, pneumatic pressure regulating device. Liquid end pressure rating of 2760 bars, perfect for a wide range of UHP water jetting applications


The AfricaTuff UHP safety suits are everything you need for proper safety in the HP and UHP workplace. With a lightweight exterior, a maximum protection up to 2800 bars and European Union CE certified, it’s quality you can trust. It also includes additional protection for sensitive areas such as your head and neck.

Pipe and Drain Cleaner

Pipes used in industry often become corroded, scaled up or even
completely blocked. Water jets at a pressure range between 500 and 3000 bar can be used to effectively clear blockages and remove scaling from pipes and drains. The spent water then flushes the debris to the open ended pipe.


Cold cutting is often used for the demolition of plant facilities, providing access to tanks and columns, removing refractory; both internal and external, concrete cutting and scabbling, and surface preparation through coatings removal.


Concrete demolition using high pressure jetting equipment is an alternative to breaking concrete using traditional methods, such as jack-hammering. Water jetting produces less dust, creates less noise, and is safer than the jackhammer to operate.

Heat Exchanger Cleaning

A UHP tube cleaning system typically involves a small nozzle placed on the end of either a rigid tube (for straight line cleaning) or a small flexible hose (for tubes with bends). Water from a pump unit is fed through the tube or hose and exits the nozzle at a speed and pressure that removes
even the hardest residues, rust and scale. The waste material is then
flushed out of the tubes and
rinsed away.