Containerised KP100TJ3

Containerised KP100TJ3 Off shore Specification (Rig Safe)


One (1) JETECH® Model 100TJ3-UH Triplex Bare Shaft Pump with JETECH® “AD-2” Liquid End.
• Liquid end pressure rating (maximum): 2,760 Bar (40,000 psi)
Liquid end type: Jetech “AD-2” Ultra-High pressure
• Ultra-easy field maintenance liquid end (service packing and valves in as little as 15 minutes)
• Stainless steel materials
Plunger Type: Tungsten Carbide
Power frame lubrication: Pressurized
Power frame cooling: Lubrication oil heat exchanger cooled
Power frame type: Triplex plunger
Speed reduction type: Double helical gear reduction built into power frame
Final reduction ratio: 3.68
Maximum input power: 108 HP (80 kW)
Service kit
• Set plungers
• 12 months service kits on pump worked on 250 hour intervals
• Includes packing, seals, o-rings, back up rings, consumables

Cummins Tier 3 industrial diesel engine power unit model QSB4.5
• Soft start
• Turbo charged and intercooled
• Includes the latest in engine monitoring and safety
• Electronic dial throttle for precise adjustment
• Fitted with spark arrestor and Chalwyn valve
• Engine mounted compressor for pneumatic pressure regulator
Pneumatic Pressure Regulating Device
• Pressure Regulating, Safety, Unloading, Close
• 12 months service kit
Control panel (securable) located away from high pressure connections for enhanced safety
Pneumatic System
• Second compressor belt driven from engine for air rotating gun
• Including Pneumatic Triplet, Magnetic Exchange Valve, Pressure Gauge, Hoses, Connectors and drying system
• Option to connect an external airline for painting, cleaning etc
Pump Protection Package
• protecting the unit by monitoring the pump system through a series of sensors and safely shuts down the system before damage occurs.
• Low water level in inlet tank
• Low inlet water pressure to High Pressure Pump
• Low Power Frame oil pressure
• High Power Frame oil temperature
Direct Connected Flexible Coupling
• Connecting PTO and pump pinion shafts
• Coupling guard
40-gallon (150-liter) Diesel Fuel Tank
• 12-gal Steel construction.
• Eight-hour minimum run time
• Easy read level gauge
• Fused fill cap
Pressure Gauge
• liquid-filled
• Easy-read dial face
• Anti-vibration
Pressure Discharge System Control
• Pneumatic Pressure Regulator valve
• Safety Rupture Disc over-pressure protection system
Electric shut off valve system
• Recirculates water back to tank when dumping, single gun operation only
Suction water supply tank
• 50-gallon (190-liter) mounted over pump
• Ensuring supply is free of air (a high pressure pumps worst enemy)
• Level control by float valve
• Y Strainer filter on filler pipe
Centrifugal charge pump
• Ensuring consistent inlet pressure to high pressure pump
• Belt driven from engine
Bag filter unit
• Aircraft aluminium construction
• 5-micron filter bag
• Isolation valve
• Pressure gauge before and after filter for quick monitoring of filter fouling
Stainless steel double suction system
• Double feed slows the water in the plumbing reducing turbulence
• Stainless steel after the filter to help prevent contamination
Plunger cooling water manifold
• Flow control valve for easy adjustment
• Cooling the plungers greatly increases packing life
Power-end lube oil cooler
• Water to oil type heat exchanger
• Allowing extreme conditions
• Increasing bearing and component life
Fabricated galvanized skid
• Heavy duty structural steel construction
• Mounted inside container
Painted container
• Industrial epoxy paint
• Colour: White