Containerised KP100TJ3 Off shore pump unit

The Africatuff KP100 tj3 containerised system in a 3M galvanized container for use off shore water jetting on ships and oil rigs. Zone 1 and zone 2 certified.


Liquid end pressure rating (maximum): 2,760 Bar (40,000 psi).
Liquid end type: Jetech “AD-2” Ultra-High pressure Ultra-easy field maintenance liquid end (service packing and valves in as little as 15 minutes) Stainless steel materials.
Plunger Type: Tungsten Carbide.
Power frame lubrication: Pressurized.
Power frame cooling: Lubrication oil. heat exchanger cooled.
Power frame type: Triplex plunger.
Speed reduction type: Double helical gear reduction built into power  frame.
Final reduction ratio: 3.68 .
Maximum input power: 108 HP (80 kW).

Service kit
Set plungers
12 months service kits on pump worked on 250 hour intervals
Includes packing, seals, o-rings, back up rings, consumables

Cummins Tier 3 industrial diesel engine power unit model QSB4.5
Soft start
Turbo charged and inter-cooled
Includes the latest in engine monitoring and safety
Electronic dial throttle for precise adjustment
Fitted with spark arrestor and Chalwyn valve
Engine mounted compressor for pneumatic pressure regulator
Pneumatic Pressure Regulating Device

Pressure Regulating, Safety, Unloading, Close
12 months service kit
Pneumatic Pressure Regulating Device
Control panel (securable) located away from high pressure connections for enhanced safety
Pneumatic System
Second compressor belt driven from engine for air rotating gun
Including Pneumatic Triplet, Magnetic Exchange Valve, Pressure Gauge, Hoses, Connectors and drying system
Option to connect an external airline for painting, cleaning etc
Pump Protection Package
protecting the unit by monitoring the pump system through a series of sensors and safely shuts down the system before damage occurs.

Centrifugal charge pump
Ensuring consistent inlet pressure to high pressure pump
Belt driven from engine
Bag filter unit
Aircraft aluminium construction
5-micron filter bag
Isolation valve
Pressure gauge before and after filter for quick monitoring of filter fouling
Stainless steel double suction system
Double feed slows the water in the plumbing reducing turbulence
Stainless steel after the filter to help prevent contamination
Plunger cooling water manifold
Flow control valve for easy adjustment
Cooling the plungers greatly increases packing life
Power-end lube oil cooler
Water to oil type heat exchanger
Allowing extreme conditions
Increasing bearing and component life
Fabricated galvanized skid
Heavy duty structural steel construction
Mounted inside container
Painted container
Industrial epoxy paint
Colour: White