Diesel 150T J3 Pumping System

Standard Equipment

JETIN Model 150TJ3 Triplex Pump fitted with “AD” Liquid End and plunger size of your choosing

Cummins industrial diesel engine power unit model QSB6.7 or equal. 
Includes the latest in engine monitoring and safety
Electronic dial throttle for precise adjustment
Control panel (securable) located away from high pressure connections for enhanced safety

 KP150T J3 Diesel Ultra High Pressure Pumping System

Pump Protection Package – protecting the unit by monitoring the pump system through a series of sensors and safely shuts down the system before damage occurs;

Low water level in inlet tank
Low inlet water pressure to High Pressure Pump
Low Power Frame oil pressure
High Power Frame oil temperature
PTO Clutch

Manually operated
Direct connected flexible coupling

Connecting PTO and pump pinion shafts
Coupling guard
60-gallon (227-liter) diesel fuel tank

12 ga. Steel construction.
Eight hour run time
Easy read level gauge
Fused fill cap
Pressure gauge – 2X operating pressure

Easy-read dial face
Twin rupture disc over-pressure protection assembly

Redundant safety for your crew
Suction water supply tank 50-gallon (190-liter) mounted over pump

Ensuring supply is free of air (a high pressure pumps worst enemy)
Level control by float valve
Centrifugal Charge pump

Ensuring consistent inlet pressure to High Pressure Pump
Driven from PTO
Cartridge filter unit – Stainless/Bronze construction (noncorrosive)

5-micron filter cartridge
Isolation valve
Pressure gauge before and after filter for quick monitoring of filter fouling
Stainless Steel suction system (Double feed on H model, Single feed on UH model)

Double feed slows the water in the plumbing reducing turbulence
Stainless Steel after the filter to help prevent contamination
Plunger cooling water manifold with flow control valve

Cooling the plungers greatly increases packing life
Power-end lube oil cooler

Water to Oil type heat exchanger
Allowing extreme conditions
Increasing bearing and component life
Fabricated steel skid

Heavy duty structural steel construction
Fork-lift pockets for secure lifting and moving


Optional Equipment


Trailer (shown)

Dual Axle
Electric Brakes (hydraulic surge brakes optional)
2-5/16 Ball hitch (Pintle hitch optional)
Sealed beam style lighting
Full Deck plating
Lift Frame (shown)

Four point lift
Cover for unit
Actuated PTO

Pneumatic (requires Compressor)
Air Compressor – Engine Mounted (shown)

Turbo Charged-High Output
5 gal. air tank
System safety relief valve
Hydraulic Pump – Engine Mounted

Includes 10 gallon oil supply tank
Suction Screen
Return filter
Stabilizing stands

For added stability
Enclosure-Protective (shown)

Added security
Protection from the elements
Enclosure – Sound dampening

Greatly reduce operating noise
Added protection and security
Electronic Pressure Gauge

Remote easy-read LED display
Dual filters

In parallel for changing filter while running
In series for added filtration when needed
Automatic Throttle Control

Fully electronic-no springs or high pressure hoses
Returns engine to idle when not jetting
Saves Energy, Fuel, Wear on components
Plunger cooling water return system

Returns cooling water to inlet tank
Reduces water consumption/waste

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