Bingham accessories

Air Rotational Gun

6000 & 3200 RPM air motor options available
1 full HP air motor
Available in 20″, 24″, 32″ 36″ 44″ and 66″ lengths
Multiple inline bearing packs for rigidity and performance
2nd safety trigger included with every purchase
Modular design allows for easy size conversion
Low cost of ownership

Floor Cleaning System

Rated up to 55,000 PSI
Flow rates as high as 12 GPM at 40,000 PSI
Rotational speeds as high as 5,000 RPM
Floating vacuum seal for 100% containment
Conversion kits available for lower pressures
Easily adjust the bar for different attack profiles and speeds

Air Rotational Technology

Rated up to 55,000 PSI
Ultra low profile (3.75″W x 6.v5″L x 7.35″ H)
Features Wolf™ swivel technology
Multiple rotational speed options
Full 1 HP modular air motor in Aluminum housing
Multiple mounting patterns pre-installed
Easy to rebuild
Excellent for tube lancing applications
Can be used for custom surface cleaning machines
Adaptable to hydro-milling and hydro-demolition applications

Safety Control Valves

Foot & Air Valves
Multi-mode Tumblebox
Dry Shutoff Tumblebox
Dump Pedals