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The Africatuff high capacity flexible liquid storage bladder tanks are the perfect solution to all your water storage and transportation needs at home on site or in the field.

Available between 1000 – 100 000 liters (larger bladder tanks can be custom made) and constructed from the toughest materials, easily transportable and versatile bladder tanks are the perfect fit for water storage and transportation in remote locations and can be used even on non level terrain, where building water storage tanks might be impossible. unlike fixed storage tanks, pillow tanks are easily portable, allowing the user to relocate to where the water is needed quickly.

Africatuff bladder tanks can be used in a wide variety of industries such as agriculture, industrial, commercial, marine, oil and gas, military and disaster relief / emergency management.

Our bladder tanks (sometimes known as pillow tanks) are available in PVC or co-polymer with a 2 inch inlet / outlet tank fitting with valve and cam lock included. and a 1 inch breather pipe with valve.

Drinking water storage, wastewater containment, rainwater collection, farming, fuel storage, gray water storage for pressure washing systems, water storage and transport for Fire fighting, black-water (sewage) containment and rail-car tanks


  • One bladder tank can have the capacity of up to 20 trucks.
  • Carrier trucks are not required to stay on site to feed water or fuel.
  • Can be setup in a wide variety of locations and environments and conditions.
  • Perfect for temporary water storage when needing to repair or service existing liquid storage tanks and storage structures.
  • Transport fuel or store fuel on site.
  • Quick site camp setup.
  • Can be easily emptied and folded for easy storage and transportation.

Recommended Application

Fuel B, Crude Oil, Diesel Fuel, Fuel Oil, Hydraulic Fluid, JP4,
JP5, Kerosene, NAFTA, Petroleum Heavy Cat Crack, Water and other liquids

bladder tank

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