Jetech Water Blasting Equipment

AfricaTuff boasts a wide array of parts, spares and accessories, designed to fit a variety of UHP pumping systems and give you effective results. From nozzles, to cartridges and dump pedals and more, we can cater to every industry related need

Jetech Water Jetting Lances / Guns

  • TAPT
  • TB-Tri-phase
  • JRC
  • 98-DG
  • 98-DGUW
  • Mark 40

Jetech Water Jetting Surface Tools

  • Mark 40
  • Runway Cleaner
  • VS-89
  • VLPR-1&2
  • VS-895 1&2
  • VS89-FS

Jetech Water Jetting Valves

  • Model: 96004
  • Model: 98-DVA
  • Model: 98-DVM

Jetech Water Jetting Rotating Seals

  • Model: 92
  • Model: 953
  • Model: 959

Jetech Water Jetting Universal Tools.

The Jetech WJUV (Water Jet Universal Vehicle) Platform is a self propelled remote operated vehicle designed to facility several JETECH water jetting tools.

Jetech Water Jetting Tank Cleaning Tools

  • ITC-G2 (Internal Tank Cleaning) System
  • VTC (Vertical Tank Cleaning) System

Jetech Water Jetting Water Cannon

JETECH’s water cannon jets a hollow stream of water more than 115 feet (35m) before it fans out into a misting blanket reaching over 165 feet (50m) distance.

Jetech Water Jetting Tube Cleaning Tools

  • HE-30/40
  • RL-40

Jetech Water Jetting throttle Controls

The Jetech ATC (Automatic Throttle Control) represents a new generation in engine throttle control in the water-jetting industry.

High Pressure Gauges

AFRICATUFF carries many various JETECH pressure gauges designed specifically for water jetting applications and equipment. Our mechanical gauges are high quality instruments and are designed for standard applications.

High Pressure Fittings

JETECH can provide you with the requisite fitting for your high pressure needs. We carry an extensive line of fittings for your water jetting equipment and applications.

Nozzles and Nozzle Holders

JETECH supplies a variety of nozzle and nozzle holders for your high pressure water jetting applications.

High Pressure Hose

JETECH’s high pressure hoses are design and manufactured to meet the highest standards in the industry. Using a quality hose for your high pressure needs will ensure you have the most reliable and efficient system for your particular application.

Jetech Water Jetting Recovery Systems

The JETECH® Model CRW-2000 Continuous Water Collection and Recirculating System can be furnished as a skid mounted system or as a trailer mounted system. The CRW-2000 Consist of the following: