Personal Protective Equipment for ultra high pressure water blasting.

Water blasting involves water jets of up to 40 000 psi (sometimes higher) such pressure can cause potentially life-threatening injuries to personnel. Therefore it is critical to equip your staff with a full body P.P.E safety suit that is strong enough to withstand ultra-high pressure water blasts, yet light enough to not hinder the movement of the user.

Designed for your maximum protection in mind, our UHP safety suit has been European Union CE certified. With UHP blast proof material that can withstand direct ultra-high pressure water blasts of up to 2800 bars (40610.57 psi). Our full body safety suit is also light, At just 1.9kg in total, while other Ultra High Pressure safety suits can weigh as much as 5.1kg. This results in greater agility and allowing full range of movement, making the job easier and more comfortable and causing less fatigue on staff operating in potentially hazardous working environments.

water blasting safety suit

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The AFRICATUFF HP and UHP WATERBLASTING TUFFSUIT ergonomic design is tailor made for the Ultra High Pressure water blasting industry, but can be used in any potentially hazardous environments offering protection from fire, dust (silica) from sand blasting and keeps operators dry, even in the most demanding applications.

Water blasting P.P.E

personal protective equipment


  • Lightweight, just 1.9kg.
  • Strong, able to withstand Ultra High Pressure waterjet blast up to 2800 bar (40610.57 psi).
  • Ergonomic design, offering a full range of movement.
  • Trusted, European Union CE EN ISO 20471:2013 certified.
  • Cost effective, High value for money.
  • Versatile, flame retardant, Water proof, Dust proof. making them ideal not only for water blasting, but for most potentially hazardous industrial applications
  • Brandable, make it your own!
  • No internal moving plates.
  • Easy to clean

Our UHP safety suits offer complete full body protection, consisting of Jacket, trousers, gloves, bib and gaiter set.

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