Safety Gear

Safety equipment – ear protection

Classic extreme ear muffs

Junior ear muffs

Banded ear plugs

Corded ear plugs

Ear plugs

Safety equipment – eye protection

Beamer range

Classic spectacles

Euro spectacles

Euro weld

Sporty range

Wrap around

Mesh lens


Safety equipment – masks and respirators

Canister multi-purpose

PVC half mask respirator

Dro-air FFP1

Dro-air FFP2 with valve

Dro-Air FFP2

Dro-air FFP3 with valve

Half mask respirator

Opti-fit full face respirator

QSA FFP1 with valve


QSA FFP2 with valve


P2 dust filter

A1 spray paint cartridge

Rubber/plastic half masks

A1 spray paint cartridge

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