Surface tools

Mark 40

The MARK-40 permits you to make more use of the TAPT-D rotating hand lance. It includes a four wheel carriage system designed to carry the Triphase tumble box and hold the TAPT-D lance in a vertical position. The lance is fitted with the MNS-XX spray bar which is ideal for removing painted lines from roads and parking areas. A special designed shroud protects the operator from the water jet spray.

Wt.: 115 lbs. (52 kg).

Runway Cleaner

The Jetech Bi-Whirl runway cleaning machine is the most modern affordable system on the market. It is designed to be towed behind a vehicle that carries the water tank and pumping unit. It incorporates vacuum port to recover the water. The rotation of twin 923RS Eddy-Jets is by means of a diesel or gasoline engine.
Max. Flow Rate: 100 GPM (378 L/M)
Max. Press.: 30K psi (2070 Bar).
Cleaning path: 72 ins. (1828 mm).
Noz. Stand-off Dist.: 0.5 to 5 ins. (13 to 130 mm).
8 inch vacuum connection.
Max. Eddy-Jet speed: 600 RPM.
Diesel fuel tank: 10 gallon (38 liter).


The VS-89 unit is a four-wheel carriage with the model 92 rotating seal positioned in the front of the unit. This permits the cleaning path to cover more area in corner spaces. The unit contains a hydraulic tank built into the frame. The tank holds hydraulic fluid. The Eddy-Jet is connected to a hydraulic pump which turns due to the thrust of the nozzles when the pressure is on. As the hydraulic pump turns it takes in hydraulic fluid from the frame and discharges it back to the frame tank. In the hydraulic line there is a Flow Control Valve between the discharge side of the hydraulic pump and frame tank. This valve is used to create a back pressure of the hydraulic pump acting as a brake system thus controlling the rotational speed of the Eddy-Jet. The control dump valve used on the unit is the model 98-DVM

Max. Flow Rate: 50 GPM (190 L/M)
Max. Pres.: 30K psi. (2070 Bars)
Wt.: 325 lbs. (147 kg)


The VLPR (Vertical Lead Paint Removal) units are specifically designed for high production coating removal. The systems are equipped with the time proven Jetech rotating seal model 953RS suitable for pressures up to 40,000-psi (2750 Bar). Typical production rates of 12 to 15 square feet per minute (1.1 to 1.3 square meters per minute) can be achieved with the VLPR-1 unit with a flow rate up to 12-gpm (45 liters per minute) and almost double that rate with the VLPR-2 system with a flow rate of up to 24-gpm (90 liters per minute). Each unit is equipped with a 3 inch vacuum port to safely contain and store the removed product.

The rotation of the Eddy-Jet(s) and linear movement of the VLPR units are by means of DC electric motors for precise speed and movement control. Each system comes equipped with a remote located electrical control panel and operator control station.

Unit Weight: VLPR-1: 177 lbs. (80 kg) VLPR-2: 219 lbs. (100 kg)
Traverse speed: 5 ft./min. – 23 ft./min. (1.5 M/min.- 7.0 M/min.)
Cleaning Path: VLPR-1: 12” (305mm) VLPR-2: 23.5” (597mm)
Input Power: 90-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz (3 kW)

VS-895 1&2

The VS-895 1&2 units are designed for coating removal. The systems are equipped with the 953RS rotating seal. On the back end of the unit is a three inch vacuum port for connection to a vacuum hose. On the TEE designed handle is a finger trigger with guard. The trigger, when depressed operates a Triphase tumble box control valve. It incorporates two wheels on the back end of the unit and a wide roller on the front end for ease of operation. The VS-895-1 covers a cleaning path of 12 inches (305 mm) and the VS-895-2 which is equipped with twin 953RS rotating seals covers a path of 23 inches (584 mm).

VS-895-1 Wt.: 48 lbs. (22 kg)
VS-895-2 Wt.: 105 lbs. (48 kg)


The VS-89FS is a three-wheel carriage with the Eddy Jet positioned in the center of the unit. It contains a model 92 free spinning rotating seal. It can be configured as a two or four bar system and the standard cleaning path is 21 inches (533 mm) wide. The control dump valve used on the unit is the model 98-DVM. The unit is equipped with a pressure-on lock with a quick release safety feature. This permits less wear and tear on the operator and creates a more user-friendly operation.

Max. Flow Rate: 50 GPM (190 L/M)
Max. Press.: 30K psi. (2070 Bar)
Wt.: 270 lbs. (122 kg)