Throttle Controls

The ATC (Automatic Throttle Control) represents a new generation in engine throttle control in the water-jetting industry.The ATC-500 is an advanced pressure based throttle position memory system. This unit is completely electronic, and doesn’t require o-rings, packing, or high pressure hose.
This unit is designed to control a mechanical engine throttle, and can be fitted to virtually any existing unit, operating at virtually any pressure.

The ATC-500 is designed for dump systems, and with a flip of a switch it can be used in manual mode for use in constant pressure shut-off and multi-gun systems.
The ATC-500 is the only such system incorporating separate run and idle pressure set points, allowing for greater dump pressure variations at the different speeds.
The ATC-500 incorporates a vernier cable control commonly used in the industry to control engine speed.

The operation of the throttle and the overall system does not change for operators, allowing for seamless integrate into your system with minimal training.
The ATC-500 has an auxiliary circuit that can be used to disconnect the shut-down circuits while at idle, operate other equipment, etc.
This auxiliary circuit has a delay-on feature, allowing shut-down circuits to re-set as system returns to operating speed.

The ATC-500 incorporates a reliable high pressure digital gauge, replacing sensitive analog gauges, or adding redundancy to the most important instrument on your system.
With the addition of Valve Sensors, the unit can be used in shut-off and multi-gun systems in automatic mode, going to idle when all tools are off, and returning to operating speed when any tool is actuated.
The ATC-600 is designed for electronic engines, and can be incorporated into the latest engine control modules.